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Mooster (or Molly-Moo) was my dog.  I was lucky enough to be her pet (yes, you read that right!) for 15 years. When she became rather old and creaky she began to have a few health problems which were kept in check by her fabulous vet, but like any pet owner, I wanted to try to do anything I could to make her more comfortable. Ultimately she developed a horrible autoimmune disease called pemphigus foliaceus which was really distressing for her as she started  started to lose her hair.

 Although she was taking lots of medication from her vet, there was nothing that wasn't chemical or medical smelling to address the problem of the hair loss and the resulting exposed sore cracking skin.  This was the starting point for Moosterbubble.  I began using organic oils to make gentle massage rubs for her skin, which she seemed to look forward to.  Several times a day we would rub the oils into her skin, removing any new loose hair that was making her itchy and uncomfortable.  As time progressed, I made organic washes for cleansing her skin, lotions for soothing and cooling, and kept on and on with the oil rubs. It was never going to be possible to cure her, but it was possible to make her more comfortable.

Inevitably, our time with Mooster was over, and we had to say goodbye after 15 happy  years, but there isn't a single day where she's not talked about or remembered in some other way.  She was such an important part of our family for so long, that it seemed right to have her name on all our products - particularly as it was her who started it all off