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Welcome to Moosterbubble, there's a bubble in here for everyone!
There's nothing quite like a  soak in the tub at the end of the day to wind down and relax, or revive and energise.  Everyone can have long lasting beautifully fragranced bubbles without it costing a fortune.
 I offer high quality, value for money handmade products, packed full of natural goodies, and bursting with your favourite fragrances. Items are made in small batches and many are made freshly to order.  Some fragrances may be familiar to you, some more unusual and just waiting for you to try.  With sensible prices and packaging, it's an affordable option to try something new, when you want to!
Most fragrances are available in the majority of my products, from shower gels to body butters and lotions, body sprays to bubble crumble blocks and foaming bath bombs, your fragrance choice can be layered for maximum impact, or mixed and matched to co-ordinate beautifully, making a fragrance sensation that is uniquely "you".
Have a look around, and see which fragrances you can make your own!
All items are fully safety assessed, and raw ingredients are responsibly sourced.
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