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Festive Shower Steamers - set of 3 in gift bag


Like a bath bomb - but for your shower!

Set of 3 festive shower steamers, made with essential oils to either soothe & calm, invigorate, or refresh. 

The 3 shower steamers are presented in a reusable jute bag, with a festive design.  Designs may vary

Each bag contains 1 x Lavender Essential oil tab (Calming) 1 x Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oil tab (Invigorating) & 1 x Lemongrass & Lime tab (Refreshing)

Place the steamer tab in the corner of your shower tray, out of the direct spray of water.  The drops of water will soon activate the tab to release the soothing essential oil aroma.

Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, and safely out of the reach of children

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