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Wax melts (soon to be replaced by 1oz tubs)

Highly scented, long lasting parasoy wax melts. Individually wrapped and labelled. Each melt weighs approx 25 - 28g (each varies slightly)
A lovely way to fragrance your home, use individually or mix and match to make your own favourite blends
See base of label for individual allergens/sensitisers
N.B.  This style of small melt is being discontinued over the coming weeks, and is being replaced by a small mini stackable airtight tub.  This will allow for easier storage, as I am being overrun as more fragrances are added, and more consistency in the wax weight.  The weight of the new mini tubs is close to the  size of the larger of these star melts, and will still be a great size for testing out new fragrances



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